Small companies do not have the budget or the need for full time IT personnel.  Sure emergencies arise occasionally, but at what cost are you willing to pay for someone to sit around waiting for that event.  Do you want to rely on your secretary or warehouse personnel to be trained as your computer expert as well?  It never works.

For twenty five years, I have been working with small companies from a one man shop to businesses with fifty employees, to configure and maintain their computer infrastructure.  I only charge for the time I spend on each customers environment.

I can perform onsite backup for quick restores and offsite backup of the customers data just in case the building burns down.  I have been in the data protection business for twenty seven years, so I know how to protect data.

I have been building and configuring computer systems even before there was a Windows, so I've seen every iteration of the OS.  There is whole lot more to maintaining a well oiled machine than just running defrag.  I configure all systems with settings that most IT personnel have never even thought about, unless they have worked with me.

So, if you are a small business and need an experienced expert to get you system(s) running smoothly, call me.